How to start feeling happier in as little as 15 minutes a day...

...even if you don't have the time!






For busy women (a.k.a exhausted, overwhelmed, tired and burned out)

who want to be awesome at easing stress, making time for themselves and building a sustainable and healthier life style through self care.


Including our top 5 self care products that have changed the lives of hundreds of subscribers & earned ourselves and our clients more freedom from the "business of life."

Your old ways of living just aren't working any more...

But you've figured that out already, right?

One day, you woke up and realized you've been on a hamster wheel and don't know how to get off.

It's never been more important for you...

to change the way you approach self care so that you can feel more happiness and not add more overwhelm.


So, does this sound familiar?

You know you should be creating regular time for yourself, prioritizing self care + continue showing up for all of your responsibilities

...every dang day know eating healthy + moving your body is so important know it helps reduce stress, improves your mood, and will make you happier!

...but you're so exhausted

...and have zero time left to fit anything else in

...and worst of all, you are responsible for everyone else & feel guilty when you do anything for yourself. 

So... what do you do?

You either completely ignore it. "Things will randomly get better" you say (but you know it won't..and it doesn't)

...or you put it off for another week, the next and then wonder why it isn't getting any better.

...or you 

... or you take action to reduce stress, improve your mood, and make yourself happier!

and that is where the

Ultimate Self Care Toolkit

comes in... and the way you take care of yourself will never be the same again.


Imagine your life...

  • with less stress which means you'll have more happiness and calmer days.
  • with more time for yourself which means your cup will be full enough to keep providing for the people and things you love.
  • with all of your self care needs at your fingertips which will keep you from spending a LOT more time and money
  • with the time to be present in the things you love most which means a happier you!


The Ultimate Self Care Toolkit

Planning your self care is key to making sure you can fit it seamlessly into the day. The activities included in this toolkit are proven not only effective but also fun, so take some time for yourself! You'll feel better about getting things done when they matter most because of what research has shown us: happiness and increased well-being from taking action on behalf of ourselves.

Track your habits, self care routines and build a sustainable lifestyle so you can live with less stress. You're worth the time! A life built on happiness isn't one that's found by accident; it requires commitment. Whether this involves taking better care during hectic weekdays or filling your life outside work with purposeful activities.

Self-care is important. You need to take some time for yourself, and not feel guilty about it! Life can be a balancing act of work and leisure. Allowing yourself time for self-care, relaxation or creative pursuits is the key to having an enjoyable life that doesn't leave you drained every day!


Here’s everything you'll find inside:

Mini Course:

Let's face it, we all need self care. But how often do you find yourself feeling like you're drowning under the workload and not taking time for what makes you happy? If this sounds familiar, our mini course Making Time For Self Care can help! It will teach you how to build in time for self care- even when life gets busy and overwhelming. Managing your down time and reassessing your obligations helps make room for these things: personal desires, alone time with loved ones, hobbies, and relaxation after a long week of work.

Self Care and Life Planner

Planning is the world’s hottest new trend and now you can finally take control of your life by doing it all in this one book. This revolutionizing self care and life planner will organize every aspect of your busy, organized day (and if we do say so ourselves) and stop those pesky forgetful moments that happen because our lives today are becoming more complicated than ever. With a handy monthly calendar for scheduling, an weekly self care overview you will have clarity on all aspects of your life from goal setting to tackling time management with ease so you don't overthink yourself into overwhelm, this revolutionary planner might just be everything you need!

Habit Tracker

Never miss your habits again! We all know that building new routines can be hard. With this tracker, you'll never snag on a hang up for preparing for the day's campaign against stress. Just download one of our task lists and create an outline of how to get ahead by getting through each habit. There is no time like yesterday so stop procrastinating tomorrow by starting today with this editable Habit Tracker!

Recipe Bundle

Does thinking about what to eat every day overwhelm you? The Stress Reducing Recipe Bundle is for anyone that has struggled with making healthy choices in their daily life. If you're in need of motivation in order to cook more, this bundle includes not only recipes like how to revamp burger night, but also helpful tips on how to best prepare quick groceries list for dinners at home!

21 Days of Pre-planned Workouts

This at-home workout calendar is the key to burning fat and building muscle! Designed for busy moms who need a new fitness routine but want maximum results, this handy planner will allow you to get in an intense workout with up to 21 minutes of committed time every day. Imagine: more outdoor playtime with your kids and more quality family time together. Move over Netflix binging, these workouts are so much better than TV any night of the week!

Guided Meditations

It can get hard to find time for yourself. Life is hectic, things are always happening, and you just never seem to have enough of it. You need that space in your life- that space where no one else is allowed in but you. Through meditation, we allow our body to go into a deep relaxation mode; the muscles loosen up and become completely relaxed, pain disappears, anxiety fades away. Guided meditations help with stress relief by lowering blood pressure while increasing creativity and productivity.

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But don't just take our word for it...

Sidney S.

I love this! It makes it so easy to implement self care into my daily routine. I feel so much more organized. I love that I can take myself off the back burner and still have time to be present with my family.


Jackie L.

The Self Care pack was a game changer for me. It helped me be more intentional with my self care and stick to the routines I desperately need which allows my brain to focus on other things because my habits are on auto-pilot.

Kellie M.

This bundle is fantastic! So pretty and so many great resources. It's worth every penny! Such a great addition to my daily life!


We're Jordan & Marissa.   

You see after Marissa had her first two girls, She went to a place she doesn't talk about very often. Between teaching, her new found motherhood and her battle with postpartum anxiety, She had lost who she really was and even who she wanted to be.

Honestly, the days were so long and she was running on empty. She would manage to survive each day of teaching, being a mom, and a wife but she was basically just going through the motions. She knew deep down that this was not who she was meant to be. Her kids and husband were getting “left over” mom and she was left with nothing left for herself.

One day, she stumbled upon a life coach– okay, so she didn't stumble across her, she went searching for her after she sat googling “is there a place for pregnant moms on the verge of a nervous breakdown to go?” After months of mindset work, personal development and diving into the root of her stress.. her life drastically changed for the better. And not just her life was changed, her husband and kids were happier and so were her students!

Jordan has a different story but the same results. She was exhausted, tired of feeling sick ALL the time and overwhelmed in her daily life. She wasn't sure how to change it but she knew if she didn't, things would continue to spiral out of control. 

She too went looking for answers, much like you are. It was then that she discovered the world of holistic nutrition and functional medicine. 

For the first time in her life, she felt renewed and honestly, the rest is history from there! She pursued becoming a CHN and has dedicated her work to helping women feel their best!

Today, we’ve created online resources and self care for women who are feeling the same way we were not too many years ago.

Your journey may be a little different than ours, but the results are usually the same. Massive impact and massive happiness. It impacts you, impacts your family, and impacts your entire life.

Your self care experts,

Jordan & Marissa

In times like these, people either struggle, survive or thrive!


Yes, there are people out there that are actually THRIVING!

Doing better than before.

And no, they aren't just the people who "have it all.."

They are people who have stepped up, taken responsibility and become intentional about creating their happiness. 

Who haven't seen this shit-show of a last year and a half and used it as a reason to curl up in a ball and hide.

And if they can do that, then you better believe you can figure out a way to manage the stress, keep showing up and start taking time for yourself.

But you're going to need some help!

There is not time for indecision or going it alone.

Grab our Ultimate Self Care Toolkit and let's do this! You'll go from stressed with no time for yourself to being intentional about your time which means more time for the people and activities you truly love.

YES! Let's do this! Click here to get your toolkit!