The Nourishment Collective 

A six week course for ambitious women who want to achieve balance, success, and ultimate happiness.

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Want to uncover the SIX pillars of a truly balanced life that allows you to find success, happiness and time to do the things you love, while experiencing growth and generating abundance?

Here’s a Secret...You Can...

But first, let us ask… Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re overwhelmed: your to-do list is endless and constantly growing because you’re trying to do everything for your biz
  • You’re stressed: You’re stressed or stuck in a cycle that you feel you can’t break free from
  • You suffer with guilt: You feel guilty whenever you do something for yourself, or feel ashamed when feeling unhappy or discontent
  • You’re afraid of failure: You are conscious of other people’s perception of you, and want to seem like you’re coping, even if that means you exhaust yourself
  • You’re pouring from an empty cup: You struggle to put your self-care, love and nutrition first, and often put tasks that would benefit your well-being at the bottom of your to-do list


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The truth is this cycle continues
if you don't make a change... 

And we get it, adding ANOTHER thing to your ‘to-do’ list seems counterproductive, right?

But what if taking action now meant that you could fully step into your potential and stop playing small? And what if you could finally stop spreading yourself so thinly?

Here’s how…


Routines, good habits and a healthy mindset reduce stress and combat moments of procrastination, deliberation and overwhelm. One of our favorite mottos is "you can't pour from an empty cup"...

Because there is a reason why the 1% woman sets goals and takes immediate action… There's a reason why she succeeds. 

Successful women rely on structure, they feed a positive mindset, they prioritize self-love and wellbeing and they live a life they choose.

So, if you truly crave a life of alignment, happiness, and BALANCE take a moment to imagine...

  • Developing routines that elevate your ability to succeed in business AND your personal life (and actually sticking to them).
  • Transforming your mindset to prioritize self-care & self-love so you can enjoy a clear, positive attitude and live in the moment.
  • Unlocking the healthy lifestyle “sweet spot” because you understand how to avoid stress-triggering foods & become an expert of your own nutrition in the process.
  • Breaking free from anxiety and overwhelm by learning to properly manage & expel entrepreneurial stress (yes, it's a special kind of stress!).
  • Enjoying active habits that generate crystal clear focus and get you feeling GOOD about yourself.
  • Reaching new levels of success and stepping into your POWER because you're in true alignment with your life's purpose.

And you can have all of this by simply joining ...
The Nourishment Collective

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have a life you truly love without having to have all the material things like vacation houses and private jets? Instead of relying on exterior things to make you happy, you'll have true inner happiness. 

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design a life you really want instead of just accepting what life is offering at the moment. Go from surviving each day to actually thriving in life. 

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get rid of the guilt that is holding you back from living your best life. The guilt that makes it seem impossible to actually take time for yourself and chase your dreams. 

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You deserve to live a life that feels good and we're going to help you get there.

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Nourishment Collective

A six week course for ambitious women who want to achieve balance, success, and ultimate happiness. 


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An 6-module self paced program created by experts on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness meditation and spirituality so that you can start living a life that feels good in just 6 weeks!



The results speak for themselves...

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Marissa and Jordan share their knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and implement in my life… it doesn’t feel so much like coaching but more like great advice from someone that genuinely cares about me.  I enjoy being able to do it on my own time and catch up when life gets crazy. I look forward to logging in and and learning! 

Denise- Coaching Client
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Marissa and Jordan are the ultimate power duo in renewing your mind and body! The best part is that they aren't just telling you what steps to take, they are actually constantly working on improving their own lives! They are both so down to earth and easy to work with, and have a ton of knowledge to share with you. Whether you are looking to tackle overwhelm, guilt, stress, or refresh your mind and body, they are the ladies you need to work with and I would recommend working with them to anyone!

Shannon- Coaching Client

Ready to change your life?



Here's how it all shakes out...

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Mindset & Habits for Powerful Change

We will guide you in creating a new kind of mindset, the sort that equips you with the ability to identify and change habits that don’t serve your purpose, health or happiness.

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Finding Your Purpose

We will show you how to discover your purpose and become the best possible version of yourself.

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Mindfulness & Stress Management

We’ll help you understand the triggers for your stress and how to avoid or navigate them, as well as how to manage

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Holistic Nutrition

The gut is fast becoming known as the second brain, which is why it’s so important to feed our wellbeing with nutritious foods - that not only benefit our physical health, but also our emotional wellbeing too. This is why we will guide you through carefully researched and tested recipes and ingredients that will give your nourishing journey a boost!

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Mindful Movement

We all know that exercise is an integral part of creating a life of health and wellbeing, and so naturally it was always going to be one of the components that make up our six pillars within the course. You will discover the joy of movement and reap the rewards of a life more active… without allowing it to become a drain on your time!

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Building Habits & Routines

And we’ll use all of this (and more) to help you build solid routines, the sort that the most successful women implement in their daily lives, and swear by!


You're also going to get access to:

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Quick Win Bundle

Our Quick-Win bundle will put you on a fast track to success within the course. Within the bundle, you’ll find workbooks and activities that are designed to help you understand and combat stress, prevent anxiety and how to generate the kind of energy that will enable you to fully enjoy the life that you’re creating! And so much more… 

Value = $149.99

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BONUS: Simply Balanced Self Care

Access to our mobile app! It’s packed full of brilliant tools to guide you on your journey. There’s mindfulness and meditation, affirmations, goal setting, scheduling, habit tracking and even a space for journaling! 

Value = $49.99

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BONUS: 6 Weekly Meal Plans

Think carefully researched stress-fighting foods, focus-fuelled ingredients and tried and tested combinations that mix yummy with beneficial.  With our weekly meal plans, you will be all set to create delicious meals that feed your wellbeing as well as your appetite.  All round nourishment never tasted so good! 

Value = $249.99

Ready to snag over $400 in bonuses?

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Jordan and Marissa are seriously so down to earth and genuinely amazing people! Their courses and programs give you bite size pieces to incorporate into your life to make a lasting impact. They are able to say things in a way that really resonates and gives you that little push to actually do it! I'm very grateful to have worked with these ladies and highly recommend them!

Sabrina- Coaching Client
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Jordan & Marissa are two of the most inspirational yet down-to-earth women I've had the pleasure of knowing! They not only know a TON of information on changing your life for the better - you can tell that they're walking their talk and living their lives as true examples of self growth and healing. I can't recommend them enough to any woman who is serious about improving her self-care and overall quality of life!


Amanda- Coaching Client



The Nourishment Collective is for you if you want to learn how to...


> Break free from overwhelm and be present in every moment


> Create time for you so that you are always the best version of yourself


> Stick to a routine and healthy habits that will help you focus and systemize 


> Eat and live healthier to create energy, positivity and happiness 


> Find freedom in everyday life and break out of restrictive patterns
When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of almost $950,

but you can enroll today for the price of just $347.



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2 Monthly Payments

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We're Marissa Rehder and Jordan Wavra.

Our paths crossed while on similar missions; to find a way to become healthy, happy and successful. 

Have you ever heard of the swan analogy? How the swan glides gracefully across the surface of the water, her signets floating along behind her? And how, beneath the surface, her feet are paddling and pushing to keep her in motion? 

That’s what it can feel like when you’re trying to find balance, like trying to stay afloat. 

This was why we joined forces. 

Where one of us brought knowledge around emotional wellbeing, the other brought knowledge around physical health. 

And we realized that we had the makings of a complete package; the secret ingredients to create a truly balanced life that allowed us to find success, happiness and time to do the things we love, while experiencing growth and generating abundance. 

We knew we had to share our findings with other women like us. 

So here we are…

We’re living examples of a life less ordinary, less stressful, less restricted. And we’re here to show you the way.


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

The Nourishment Collective is one of. a kind. It combines the steps of planning your best life & actually executing them in order to live it. Not only will it walk you step by step through the process, it will allow you to take actionable steps each day towards living your best life. This course will help you create the success you're looking for-- and you deserve it!


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  • You want to improve your health and wellness but you're just not sure where to start


  • You wake up each day and mindlessly go through the motions


  • You're overwhelmed and exhausted from the endless everyday tasks


  • Your busy, fast-paced life has you feeling stressed & disconnected from yourself


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